May 03 2011

Franken Toys 2-Headed Ernie

Franken Toys 2-headed Ernie

Ever wonder what Ernie from Sesame Street would look like if he had two heads? Wonder no more! Here is Franken Toys 2-Headed Ernie, which sells under the name Rubadub Ducky. Read more »

May 07 2008

It’s raining kids

Hallelujah, it’s raining kids…

Here’s the thing about cultural sensitivity: it’s good to respect other cultures but when it involves bodily harm, it’s OK to ask a few questions. Female circumcision, for example. For me, throwing babies off of a roof seems like a really bad idea. But hey, what do I know?

[source: Strollerderby]

Apr 06 2008

Lingerie for 5 year olds

Turns Out Kids’ Lingerie NOT Just April Fools’ Joke (Strollerderby)


Apr 03 2008

Students Plot to Kill Teacher

I smell a board game: “It was Tommy McGinty, in the lunchroom, with a paperweight.”

Lord Of The Flies Plays Out In Georgia (Strollerderby)