Jul 29 2014

Jeff Gordon Kissing The Bricks Video

Want to see video of Jeff Gordon kissing the bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday July 29? Here you go.

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Thanks to the wonderful and talented Z. Smith of Nascar Race Mom for posting the clip.

More from our Crown Royal DaddyTips Road Trip to Indianapolis coming soon! #ReignOn

Jul 27 2013

Victory Field (Daddytips Road Trip)


A pic of Victory Field from last night in Indianapolis. We (responsibly) drank five kinds of Crown while having a great meal at Mo’s. The pianist played Jay-Z, Whitesnake, and Dre/Tupac. Really. Big Pimpin’. Didn’t see that coming.

Question: if you lose at Victory Field, is it extra painful?

More to come from our Crown Heroes weekend.