Nov 30 2015

Metallica Onesies On Sale

For the little metalhead in your life, Metallica Onesies are on sale.

100% Cotton, Light Blue, Onesie Design by Tony Squindo

Available in blue or pink. Regularly $19.99, currently $14.99. Price may change at any time.

Actually, everything in Metallica’s online store is 25% off at the moment. “Blackened Friday.” (Get it?) Check it out here.

Source: Eat Sleep Poop – BLUE Onesie – Metallica

Dec 01 2014

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited For 75 Cents (DaddyDeal)

We have praised Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited in the past.  In fact, it was a Cyber Monday deal that got me to become a member, which I still am. (Want proof? Here.) Today, in honor of Marvel’s 75th Anniversary, they are offering a Cyber Week Deal where you can try Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited for 75 Cents.

Spider-Man fights his robot dad

They’re now calling it Marvel Unlimited (smart move, in our opinion), but it’s the same basic deal. You pay a monthly or yearly fee to read the many thousands of comics in Marvel’s digital library. As a practical matter, this means that you don’t get the new stuff right away, and you don’t get everything. For example, sometimes you’ll be reading, say, Peter David’s immortal run on The Incredible Hulk. Then you’ll get to an issue and it’ll skip a big stack of comics. Just an example… OK, that happened to me. But you know something? It doesn’t bother me that much. (It bothers me a teeny tiny little bit.) For what you pay, you get a tremendous amount of of content. I’ve read everything from recently published comics to stuff from the 60s and 70s, and even older. It’s essentially Netflix for Marvel comic books.

(A note on the image above: I have no idea if that comic book is available in Marvel Unlimited. It’s not what I would recommended you read even if it is. But full disclosure and all that.)

This particularly deal is not as good as the one I used back in 2011 (!!!) but it’s still pretty good. You get your first month of Marvel Unlimited (the service formerly known as Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited) for 75 cents. H/T to Jason Kaplan of The Howard Stern Show for pointing out this awesome DaddyDeal.

Here’s the text from, along with the code and the link. Be sure to read the disclaimers on If you don’t cancel your subscription before the month is up, they’ll probably charge your credit card for the next month. So if you just want to try it out, you need to stay on top of that. But 75 cents for a month of unlimited Marvel Comics reading? Excelsior!

From 12/1 12:01am EST to 12/4 3:00am EST
Get unlimited access to over 15,000 digital Marvel comics for one monthly price!
Use code MARVEL75 at checkout to get the first month of Marvel Unlimited for just 75¢!

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Nov 25 2012

DaddyDeals – McFarlane Toys Cyber Monday Sale

Like toys? Sports? Saving money? We dug up a Cyber Monday DaddyDeal from McFarlane Toys that will save you 30 per cent on all sorts of neat stuff.

McFarlane toys Cyber Monday sale

McFarlane Toys is the purveyor of fine toys and collectibles from franchises such as Halo and The Walking Dead, as well as sports figures great and small. (Mostly great and/or not small.) Sometimes these two worlds collide, as in this statue of Hines Ward as he appeared in The Dark Knight Rises. (Only $12.99, people!)

Here’s the deal (via ComicBookResources) – “Between 12:01AM and 11:59PM PST on November 26th, the entire store will be 30%.” So all day Monday November 26th Pacific time, you save mucho dinero online at McFarlane Toys. You’re welcome. Visit their site and get shopping.

Nov 28 2011

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Cyber Monday Code

For the most part I have avoided the siren songs of Black Friday, Puce Saturday, Silver Sunday and Cyber Monday shopping. (Two of those I made up. Guess which!) But a Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited Cyber Monday code showed up in my Inbox, that was a DaddyDeal I couldn’t resist. (See? If I call it a DaddyDeal, I’m still not participating in Cyber Monday. Ha! That’ll show ’em.) Read more »

Nov 30 2008

Sandisk Cyber Monday Deals

Memory cards, USB thumb drives and lil’ tiny Sansa MP3 players. Pretty cheap (like $20 for a 4GB USB stick) and free shipping.

Click here.