Oct 02 2010

Dad and Daughter Meet For The First Time on Facebook

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Again! First we had the 41 year old woman who met her father by chance for the first time at a hospital. Now a young lady decides to look up her dad on Facebook, and bam! There he is.

Luckily this wasn’t a creepy story, where they met on Facebook, didn’t know each other, and then went out on a date or something. Like in that Jennifer Aniston movie Rumor Has It, where they sort of imply that maybe she sleeps with her dad. (I didn’t see the movie, by the way, but I read a review where they said this happens.)

Facebook Unites Father and Daughter After 25 Years (AOL)

Hi Daddy movie on VHS from Amazon.com. You can buy it for a penny. Whoo-hoo! But you’ll need a VCR. Which you may also be able to get for a penny.