Dec 23 2009

Tiger Woods Marriage Search

When searching for “Tiger Woods marriage” I got this article from AskMen called “The After-Effects Of Marriage.” The author, Curt Smith, says the following to a reader who wonders if he made the right decision when he married his wife because she has put on a lot of weight and stopped giving him oral sex.

Let me put it another way: the “chick” you met at the local bookstore becomes a completely different person when she is your girlfriend, the girlfriend becomes a completely different person when she is your fianc, and the fianc becomes the complete opposite once she is your wife. Still don’t understand? Ludwig Borne put it best when he said, “A sweetheart is milk, a bride is butter and a wife is cheese.”

Smith does add the following disclaimer:

Now before everyone sends hate mail and death threats, let me add that my theory applies to both genders. To a woman a boyfriend is like wine, a groom is like cocktails and a husband is like flat beer.

It’s good that there is advice like this out there. Men really need help being more immature than they already are.

Marriage advice –

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Dec 23 2009

Top 10 Earth Stories of the Decade Oddly Political

Caring about the environment is something that I always thought of as apolitical. I was raised to believe in recycling, saving trees and whales, and that being Earth-friendly was a good thing. I think my kids are learning the same values in school that I did.

Of course, I was raised in a less partisan era. When I was a kid, there were folks who thought that Greenpeace was just a bunch of filthy hippies who should be ignored or even thrown in jail. Today, however, there are politicians and conservative commentators that spend an incredible amount of time saying that global warming is nothing but a hoax perpetuated by evil people like Al Gore. has a list of the Top 10 Earth Stories of the Decade, and (spoiler alert!) number one is Glaciers Melt Down.

When the 21st century began, scientists studying Earth’s climate thought the gigantic ice caps on Greenland and Antarctica would melt slowly around the edges and lag behind the overall global warming of climate.

But this past decade, the warmest on record, proved the climate modelers wrong.
Glaciers have been melting much faster than ever expected and researchers have been playing a hard game of catch up trying to understand why.

Try reading that without thinking of the partisan debate currently raging over the environment.

Here’s my prediction — the children of commie pinko lefties will grow up wanting us to do something to save the planet from becoming uninhabitable, while the children of fascist right-wingers will grow up saying that it’s all a pack of lies. Somewhere in the middle will be… I don’t know if there will be a middle ground, actually.

This is assuming that the Earth isn’t a wasteland by the time those children are old enough to have a say in what we do or don’t do about global warming. Hopefully there will be enough of a middle position to keep things from falling apart for at least a few hundred more years.

Top 10 Earth Stories of the Decade : Discovery News.

Dec 22 2009

Comment from ProFootballTalk

We’re going to start posting our favorite comments. This has nothing to do with being a dad, it’s just something I find amusing. dADD, folks. I see it, I post it.

A blog post on called Del Rio throws barb at Fred Taylor before reunion prompted this gem:

chapnasty says: December 22, 2009 5:20 PM

Not really much here. Just another post trying to turn something little into something huge. Do you guys ever get tired of hearing your readers tell you that you suck?

Who could ever get tired of that?

Dec 15 2009

Two Comments From The Hive

A word of explanation: I refer to user-generated online content as The Hive. Especially when it comes to comments. I’m often more interested in the comments people

From the story about the two brothers who were homeless and living in a cave and then inherited seven billion dollars.


12:18PM Dec 14 2009
GOD’S PROMISE TO NOAH AFTER THE FLOOD. Bible – Genesis 8:22 “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.”

And the other:

Doctor Horrrible
9:49PM Dec 13 2009
Inheriting billions…so easy 2 cavemen can do it! XD

The first comment I don’t even understand; there are some folks who think that if you quote the Bible that makes whatever you are saying important, even if it doesn’t make any sense. The other comment is at least moderately amusing. But what else would one expect from the brilliant mind of Doctor Horrible?

Dec 10 2009

Comment from Steelers-Browns Game

Today in One Nation Under 12 — the childishness of sports fans.
Here is a comment from, posted during the Steelers-Browns game on December 10, 2009.
so many breaks in the action ruins the game i wish it wasnt all about the money
Indeed. I’m sure the players all agree with you. They would happily take a pay cut, right?
Being a sports fan changes quite a bit when you get older. When I was a young Yankee fan, I didn’t think about the business of the game. I just liked the sport. Some people would call that “purity” but I would argue it’s closer to immaturity. But when you’re 8 years old, a certain amount of immaturity is acceptable. Desirable even.
Once you get older, less so.

Dec 04 2009

Rihanna Wearing Military Mickey Mouse Ears

Oh, and apparently her nipple is showing. Not posting the pics because they aren’t ours, but here’s what TMZ says:

While on the set of her latest video outside L.A. the other day, Rihanna wore her favorite Mickey Mouse ears helmet and unknowingly flashed one of her weapons.

By “weapons” they mean her, ahem. Cans.

Then they said this:

RiR’s bullet bra proved she’s armed and scandalous.

I have no idea what that means.

She’s a lovely young woman but the Mickey Mouse ears helmet is odd. I guess being super hot and having a good voice isn’t enough anymore.

Rihanna Gets Nip Slipped a Mickey (TMZ)

Dec 02 2009

Smell Like Tim McGraw

Now you too can smell like Tim McGraw.

Yes, it’s Tim McGraw. The fragrance.

“Dad, why do the other kids at school make fun of you?”

“Because I have my own fragrance.”


“Because I do. Now shut-up.”