Oct 23 2013

Mimobot USB Flash Drives On Sale (DaddyDeals)

DaddyDeal for you — big sale on MIMOBOT® flash drives, including Batman (DKR, as in Dark Knight Returns, or maybe Dark Knight Rises — if it matters to you, look before you buy, which you should be doing anyway).

Batman (DKR) X MIMOBOT ® - On Sale and Almost Gone

Look at that cute scowl. And his enormous cranium. Doesn’t it scream “buy me”?

Holiday gift giving season is coming up fast. Chanukah is on Thanksgiving. Seriously. If Chanukah is your holiday, you don’t have as much time to shop as you did last year; you might want to start shopping now.

Flash drives actually make good gifts for kids. Why? Lots of reasons.

– Older kids can use them for school.

– Younger kids can use them to move files from a computer to the flash drive and back.

– Younger siblings can stop being jealous of their older sibling’s flash drive.

All good reasons. And these particular flash drives are cute as well as useful.

Batman is listed as “almost gone”, which isn’t a big surprise considering the price is under 20 bucks as of this writing. (Pricing depends on memory size. And which character you buy. And other stuff. We just provide the link; details are at Mimobot.com.) If you don’t want Batman, Mimobot’s site has lots of other options, including Babo, Big Toe, Brickle, Emily the Strange (which we think looks a lot like Batwoman), Galacula, Galaxor2, Ice-Bat, and even Kilowog! Kilowog is “almost gone” as well. Why? Because Kilowog is AWESOME. (For those who don’t know, Kilowog is also a DC character, part of the Green Lantern Corps.)


Sale ends 10/31/13, aka Halloween. Scary! (Not actually that scary.) Hit the link below to get your favorite Mimobot on sale before it goes bye bye.

On Sale! – Save Big on Mimobot USB Flash Drives | Mimoco.

Jul 21 2013

IGN Commenter Speaks Truth About The Avengers

I finally have a few minutes to pull out my Geek Gold Card and catch up with all of the San Diego Comic Con news. At first I thought the biggest tidbit was the title for Avengers 2Avengers: Age of Ultron. (Insert little nerdy noise here.) Turns out much more was revealed about the many upcoming Marvel superhero movies, plus the announcement that Superman and Batman will do a project together. (I like phrasing it that way because it sounds like I think they’re real people. You know, like The Muppets.)

Me and The Avengers movie.

Personally I prefer The Avengers. Have I mentioned that lately?

Anyway, in this IGN story about footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the comments section is briefly hijacked by someone who thinks that the Nolan Batman flicks are more awesome than The Avengers movie. We disagree with this statement. A lot. Enough that we could say mean things. But since it’s not nice to be mean, let us instead share a polite portion from this post:

They are ALL good movies, however Avengers did what superhero movies needed to do. That is all. I win.

That is indeed all. Well, not really. The above was followed someone stating that “the avengers might be one of the most overrated movies of all time, despite the fact I like it, people just give it way too much undeserved adulation“, which itself led to, “Nolan’s batman films are the most overrated comic book movies of all time. Begins actually felt like a comic book. things slowly started to trickle down hill with the dark knight until we received the all over the place plot of The dark knight rises.” (Note: all comments pasted as is, spelling/capitalization/grammar missteps included.) Eventually the thread gets back to what’s really important, which is that there are a lot more superhero movies on the horizon and how awesome that is.

Personally I’m more excited about the upcoming Marvel movies than I am those from the Distinguished Competition. Part of this is because I’m more of a Marvel fan to begin with. (Not that I dislike DC; I love the Justice League cartoon and yack about it so often that even my fellow Geek Gold Card members tune me out when I get going.) Other reasons include:

(a) There are more Marvel movies on the way, and the main goal here is to have as many superhero movies as possible. Preferably one per week.
(b)  Out of the recently released superhero movies, those from Marvel (Thor, Captain America, Iron Man) have been better than those from DC (Green Lantern, The Dark Knight Rises, and even Man Of Steel, although I liked it fine).

The Avengers, of course, is the best of the bunch. Well, the best as of now. Because there’s lots more to come. And that, in the words of Martha Stewart, is a good thing.

Comic-Con: Captain America Honors San Diego with Winter Soldier Footage – IGN

Apr 16 2012

DC Comics for Kids C2E2 Panel (Video)

Tiny Titans - Welcome To The Treehouse

Yes, Virginia, there are comic cons in places other than San Diego. (Maybe even in Virginia.) Here’s a video of the great Art Balthazar and Franco discussing their new DC Comics series Superman Family, which will replace Tiny Titans.

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Oct 26 2010

Young Justice Cartoon Will Air November 26

The new Young Justice cartoon will air November 26, according to a report from New York Comic Con on Poptimal.

We’re always excited about any new superhero cartoon. For some reason, it was hard to find an exact date anywhere online. But we did — Cartoon Network will air a one-hour premiere of Young Justice on November 26, 2010. The series starts up for real in Spring of 2011. Which isn’t specific enough for my taste, but whatever.

What is Young Justice? It’s kind of like Teen Titans, but different. You’ll see the young heroes/sidekicks like Robin and Speedy, but some things will be different. UGO.com says that the Young Justice cartoon will “reboot the reboots“, which could be OK as long as it’s not “Infinitely Finally The Last Crisis Ever No Really We Mean It” type of nonsense.

For those who want even more background on Young Justice, it all started with comics, as usual. There were some issues written by Peter David (one of my favorite comics writers), and there are trade paperbacks although some, such as Young Justice: Sins of Youth, are out of print. Then there is the 2-issue miniseries JLA: WORLD WITHOUT GROWN-UPS, which is being reprinted as a plain ol’ overpriced comic book under the title DC Comics Presents Young Justice #1. My guess is that there will be more of these reprints leading up to the premiere on November 26; hopefully they will reprint the Peter David issues, because I like his writing. And let’s face it, it’s all about my needs.

Here’s the official video preview with the Young Justice cartoon producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman discussing the characters.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

And here is five minutes of slightly shaky Young Justice footage from a New York Comic Con panel.

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

Poptimal also has video of the producers discussing the show.

What do you think? Looks good? Gonna watch? Read the comics? Let us know!

NY Comic-Con 2010: Young Justice Preview : Poptimal.com

May 06 2009

Weekly Stack – 5/6/09

Managed to resist a few things this week, including a new New Mutants series. And some of these are one-shots, so at least I won’t feel a need to pick up issue #2. Hence the term “one-shot.” Read more »

Apr 29 2009

Weekly Stack – 4-29-09

Creeping back up to a larger stack this week. Need to get some of the crud off of the pull list. Read more »

Jul 21 2008

The Dark Knight – Kids Edition

You need to a flashplayer enabled browser to view this YouTube video

From WizardUniverse.com, a kiddie version of the latest Batman film.