Apr 16 2009

DadNews Daily – Cliff Clavin, Conservative?

John Ratzenberger shows up at a tea party, and Sarah Palin gets back to work. Oh, and Obama makes America want to get high. Read it all, people. Read more »

Apr 14 2009

DadNews Daily – Get Off The Facebook Dude

Wherein we mock Canada. Gently. Like lovers do. Read more »

Apr 05 2009

Reading is Fundamental – Cocaine And Stuff

Wherein we get our link on and show you some stuff to read. Other than this site. But you knew that. Read more »

Nov 26 2008

Tryptophan Doesn’t Make You Tired, It’s All Those Carbs

I stumbled onto this little tidbit from HowStuffWorks. Basically, it says that while tryptophan (an amino acid not naturally found in the human body) can act as a “calming agent” and is present in turkey, that’s not why you feel like taking a long winter’s nap after your third drumstick. “Most likely, it’s the whole traditional Thanksgiving meal that can produce that after-dinner lethargy.”
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