Feb 02 2009

VIDEO-Fan Streaking When Cardinals Make Super Bowl

They LOST. But this was when they won the NFC Championship game against the Eagles.

Not how I would choose to celebrate, nor would I immortalize the moment on YouTube.

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Jul 08 2008

Father and son taser team get jail time

A father and son who Tasered each other with a stun gun the son swiped from a parked police car both pleaded guilty. The son got two years in prison; the dad will be sentenced in August.
I don’t want to judge, but this seems like a bad example to set. If my son ever shows up with a stun gun and says, “Hey dad! I just stole this stun gun off a cop! Want to shock each other, film it, and put the video up on YouTube?” I really don’t think my answer will be, “Would I???”