Dec 20 2014

New Company Offers Cool Pillowcases

Our friend Tracy Pendergast of Teewii sent us a note to let us know about her latest endeavor, Plush Design LA. We’ll let her tell you about it:

GLAMP pillow from Plush Design LA Mr. Outdoors and Mrs. Adventure pillow set from Plush Design LA
Recently my best friend and I started a pillowcase company. We have a ton of new designs launching after the new year- but we just got 2 designs in that are perfect gifts for the holidays. We have the Adventurer Set and the Adventur-ish case.
The GLAMP pillowcase is $12 and the Mr. Outdoors/Mrs. Adventure set is $20.

Not bad prices, right? And the designs are cute. As Tracy tells us, more designs are coming soon. We’ll let you know about those as well.

Here are links to buy the pillowcases at Etsy, plus all the social media pages the kids are into — The Facebooks, the Twitters, all that cool stuff.

Happy Whatever-Holiday-Or-Holidays You Happen To Celebrate! And go buy some pillowcases!

PlushDesignLA on Etsy

PlushDesignLA on Facebook

PlushDesignLA on Twitter

PlushDesignLA on Instagram


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