Aug 31 2009

Christina Aguilera Loves Her Jewish Man

Memo to hot young singers everywhere.

Get yourself a nice Jewish boy.

Christina Aguilera tells E! that she grew up sans male role model. And now she loves her husband, Jordan Bratman. Bratman was “born and raised Jewish” according to Wikipedia. That means that he’s, you know, Jewish. Why they don’t just say that is because, like the song says… well, listen to it.

Here’s the interview. Aguilera is hot, talented, and successful. And she married a nice Jewish guy from the South Bronx. Heck, her kid even has a fairly normal name, Max Liron Bratman; the “Liron” is apparently Hebrew, which is because BRATMAN IS JEWISH, not just “born and raised Jewish.”


via Famecrawler

Apr 28 2009

David Beckham’s Misspelled Tattoo

So Beckham. Soccer player. (Yes, I know they call it “football” over there. But they’re wrong.) Very successful guy.

Not too bright, it seems. Read more »

Nov 19 2008

Brad Pitt’s Porn ‘Stache

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the premiere of ChangelingI stole the idea Brad has Ron Jeremy/Dirk Diggler worthy facial hair from Famecrawler. But I’ll redeem myself with my own contribution to intellectual discourse: Read more »

Sep 12 2008

Jillian Grace, the newest hot mom

The term “milf” is extremely overused. But in this case, it’s appropriate. (Note: photos not quite work-safe.) Read more »

Aug 28 2008

Matthew McConaughey’s Dad Died Having Sex

I wanted to rewrite the headline from’s Famecrawler, but I couldn’t think of anything better than what they did.

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Aug 06 2008

Uptown Girl looks damn good

Christie Brinkley. Oh my.

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Aug 06 2008

The Bernie Mac is dead text message

Why are people sending text messages about Bernie Mac\'s death?Why are people sending text messages saying that Bernie Mac is dead?

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