Jan 15 2011

Fart Cop Number 2

Fart Cop number 2, right here, right now. Enjoy.

Fart Cop 2

Jan 12 2011

Fart Cop 1

Click the comic to see Fart Cop 1 full-size.

Fart Cop 1

Jan 12 2011

DaddyTips Comic: Fart Cop

I am pleased to announce that DaddyTips has our first comic. It is..

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Fart Cop.

Fart Cop is written and drawn by my two sons (referred to as Thing 1 and Thing 2), and was partly inspired by Axe Cop, which you can now buy in book form. (You should buy it, because it is awesome.) Will Fart Cop follow a similar path? Who cares? You can read it right here.

Fart Cop will be updated weekly, usually on Saturdays. The first episode will be posted today because Thing 1 is antsy to see it on the site.

So look for Fart Cop later today. And may the fart be with you.