Dec 17 2013

Cheapest Kindle Even Cheaper Today Only

Amazon’s least expensive Kindle is even cheaper, at least for a little while. As of this moment (Tuesday 2/17/13) you can get 20 bucks off the entry-level Amazon Kindle, today only. It’s right there on the homepage, just click the enormous banner touting the deal and select “Kindle With Special Offers”. The regular price is $69. Right now it’s $49. That is (drum roll please) 20 bucks cheaper. Who says this isn’t the DaddyTips age of easy math?

A book being read

This is not a Kindle. This is a book. I still read regular books but I also read eBooks on a Kindle. Not at the same time, though.

Note that this deal is being touted by Amazon as “today only,” which for us means “Tuesday, December 17, 2013.” What time-zone is the cut off? Who knows. Your mileage may vary. Also note that the 20 dollar discount is only for the lowest-priced model, the one with “Special Offers”, not any other Kindles. I was a little annoyed about this for roughly thirty seconds before I realized (a) that while I prefer my devices not to have advertising, the Special Offers aren’t that big of a deal, and (b) this is such a First World Problem that I can’t allow myself to whine about it.

Bottom line — actual limited time DaddyDeal here. If you want to save 20 bucks on Amazon’s cheapest Kindle, go forth and make your purchase. Avanti!

Kindle – Best-Selling Ereader on sale — for now, so hurry up and buy it.