Feb 20 2014

Baby Poop Bacteria Makes Healthier Sausages?

Here’s a phrase I didn’t think I’d hear today. Baby poop bacteria. Apparently what winds up in your baby’s diaper could help make healthier sausages.

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Note: there is no baby poop in the above product. As far as we know anyway.

Sausage in general does not fall into the category of “health food” to the best of my knowledge. Phrases like “how your Fox News sausage is made” are meant to be a pulling back of the curtain, showing you things you don’t want to know. For example, a “beef sausage” contains beef. What kind of beef? You don’t want to know. And so on.

A friend of mine sent me a link to this story on FoxNews.com, via LiveScience. It’s not that anyone wants to eat baby poop. (At least I hope not.) It’s the bacteria, probiotics in particular, that scientists were looking into.

The two kinds of bacteria used most often in probiotics, Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, are far more abundant in infant poop than in adult excrement. In addition, “infant feces are natural samples, easy to obtain,” Jofr said.

“Easy to obtain” indeed. Babies are poop machines. Extracting the healthy bacteria from the baby poop is not something that everyone knows how to do, though. Isn’t it marvelous that we have scientists to do these things for us?

I guess. If you’re a scientist, this is the sort of thing you do. Are there poop scientists? Poop-ologists?

Personally I  avoid sausage. But that’s me. I do take probiotics (as opposed to ANTI-biotics, a connection I only recently made). And I eat non-dairy yogurt, which has the live bacteria this article talks about. Not necessarily the same live bacteria, or as much of it. I’m not an expert on these matters. This should not be considered health advice. See your doctor if you have an erection lasting more than four hours. Sorry, wrong sausage.

Anyway, it is unlikely you will see baby poop sausages on store shelves anytime soon. And as gross as the topic is, it did make me think about my overall gut health, which is important.

Baby-poop bacteria help make healthy sausages | Fox News.

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May 25 2012

Campaign Ad Touts Kids Teeth

DaddyTips Featured Video

Jeff Barth’s campaign ad — in truth a YouTube video — is not as weird as I thought it would be based on the headline of the Political Wire blog post, which is “Most Bizarre Campaign Ad of the Year?” They do have a question mark. The ad does, however, tout the straightness of his children’s teeth. Which is indeed odd. Probably a first for any ad that isn’t for your local dentist.

It also offers a chance to show the silliness of politics as practiced by people on both sides of the aisle. Join us, won’t you? Read more »

May 17 2012

Are Political Spouses Fair Game? Maybe, But Stay Away From The Kids

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Leslie Marshall and Janine Turner appear on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly to discuss whether or not political spouses are fair game for criticism during campaign season. I say sometimes they can be, but not the kids. Them you stay away from.

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Jul 21 2009

Andrew WK Makes Faces on Fox News

Musician Andrew WK made a dopey face while a dopey Fox News anchor asked him a dopey question. At least someone is being honest on that channel.

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via Buzzfeed

Jul 14 2009

DadNews Daily – July 14, 2009

Newspaper Boxes in Florida

Some news about Dads, with our take on the issues at hand:

White House Retracts: First Lady’s Father Not Buried at Burr Oak

The story: “The White House, correcting earlier reports, says Michelle Obama’s father is not buried at a cemetery where workers are accused of digging up and dumping bodies but at a cemetery nearby.”

Our take: Oh, leave the First Lady alone, Fox News. I’m not sure if this is something they’ve been flogging or not. But I’m sure Fox did something annoying. They usually do. (Fox News)

Insanity Defense for Man Accused of Killing Father

The story: “Dail W. Brown Jr. believed that a ‘far-flung syndicate’ of government and private power brokers had infiltrated society, his lawyer said yesterday. When he discovered that his father, Dail W. Brown Sr., played a role in this evil syndicate, the son confronted his father, tumbled down some stairs with him and accidentally killed him at their Vienna home.”

Our take: Yeah. I’d say that sounds like he’s insane. (Washington Post)

Michael Jackson’s father: Singer couldn’t have done 50 concerts

The story: “Joe Jackson is stoking controversy again. The father of late pop icon Michael Jackson, who died of undetermined causes June 25 at age 50, told ABC News today that his son was not physically capable of performing the 50 shows slated for his This Is It comeback concerts in London. “I was worried about his health because all the shows that I’m seeing—no artist can do those many shows you know, back to back like that,” said he elder Jackson, who’s been criticized for comments he’s made in the wake of his son’s shocking death. “I knew Michael couldn’t do all those shows.”

Our take: Joe Jackson the singer-songwriter (“Is She Really Going Out With Him?“, “Steppin’ Out”, et al) should wage a massive media campaign to force Joe Jackson, the creepy weirdo who used to beat the crap out of Michael Jackson and is now doing everything he can to make money from his corpse, to change his name. Joseph Jackson, perhaps. Anything but Joe Jackson. Because really, who wants to share a name with such a major league jerkoff?

Image: Archive.org

Jun 19 2009

Fox News Says Obama Admits To Being An “Imperfect Father”

With typical spintastic use of the English language, Fox News managed to find a way to say something ever-so-slightly negative about President Barack Obama’s terrific Father’s Day essay in Parade Magazine. Read more »

May 11 2009

Fox Anchor Says Barney Frank Is a Catcher

You know. A catcher. As in a back-door man. A bottom, if you will. Do I have to keep going with this?

Huffington Post goes with the obvious hypocrisy of Fox News (this particular Barney Frank jibe was on the less-watched Fox Business Channel), since the network complained about the inappropriateness of “teabagging” jokes and then makes a (fairly lame) gay joke. But (no pun intended) I’ll go with a different angle. Fox is supposedly a news outlet. It’s one thing for a comedian (say, Wanda Sykes, whom Fox News is ripping for her performance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner) to make a joke that’s potentially offensive. It’s another for a channel that claims to be a news outlet to do it. It’s a cheap joke that isn’t even particularly funny, but the real problem is that this is a place where people actually think they’re getting news.

Fox Anchor Makes Barney Frank-Themed Gay Sex Joke (After Criticizing ‘Tea Bag’ Humor) (Huffington Post)