Apr 29 2014

Game Of Thrones 3-Eyed Raven Plush Is Creepy

Arguably the creepiest character in Game of Thrones is the 3-eyed raven. (Note: Game of Thrones refers to the TV show. The books are called A Song of Ice and Fire. Geek Gold Card, folks.) So naturally someone decided to make a plush toy out of the thing.


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I don’t know what it is about the 3-eyed raven that creeps me out. Ravens, of course, are inherently creepy thanks to Edgar Allan Poe.

1848 Daguerreotype of Edgar Allan Poe at 39, a...

But this particular bird, even in the George R.R. Martin novels, gives me a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Which is apparently the title of a song by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five. Who knew? Here it is from YouTube:

Anyway, the bird creeps me out and there’s no way I would ever buy this toy, especially not for a kid. Although I suppose this is meant as a “collectible”. But… it’s a plush toy… of a… 3-eyed raven.

I don’t know why it bothers me. But it does. I’m sorry. If you want it, here’s a link to buy it at Midtown Comics.

Game Of Thrones 3-Eyed Raven Plush – Midtown Comics.

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Jul 15 2013

New Language Began With Baby-Talk

Here is a fascinating article in The New York Times about a new language, Light Warlpiri, which is spoken by a relatively small group of Australian Aboriginal people. Everyone who speaks it is younger than 35 years old. And it began with baby-talk.

From the Times:

There are many dying languages in the world. But at least one has recently been born, created by children living in a remote village in northern Australia.
Carmel O’Shannessy, a linguist at the University of Michigan, has been studying the young people’s speech for more than a decade and has concluded that they speak neither a dialect nor the mixture of languages called a creole, but a new language with unique grammatical rules.

Here is a video, “Monster Story in Light Warlpiri Child39”, from Dr. Carmel O’Shannessy’s YouTube account.

So what’s this about baby-talk? Again, from the Times: Read more »

Jul 11 2012

Kid Does Awesome Game of Thrones Impressions


Ah, YouTube. Despite recent attempts by Google to create a container for corporate controlled content consumption, there are still many pockets of joyful goofiness to behold. Such as this kid, who does a bunch of awesome impressions of characters from Game Of Thrones. Watch the video and behold.

I can’t say with certainty that the person doing the impressions is a “kid”. He’s definitely younger than me, and Topless Robot said he’s a kid in the headline, so until I hear otherwise that’s enough evidence for me. Stay with it through the end because there’s a funny bit.

via This Kid Just Won the Game of Thrones – Topless Robot via All Leather Must Be Boiled by Sean T. Collins (On that site there be spoilers. This is known.)

May 30 2012

Game of Thrones Marathon on HBO Zone

Game of Thrones Season One Blu-Ray

Hide the kids. Beginning on June 2, there will be a Game of Thrones marathon on HBO Zone.

What means this news? All nine episodes of Season 2 will be shown on HBO Zone, a sister channel to HBO. Sort of like Cersei Lannister, without all the scheming.

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Aug 03 2011

My New Favorite word: Unmanning

A Game of Thrones - A Song of Ice and Fire - Book One

I have a new favorite word. Unmanning.

Never heard it before? Well, it does not mean “one who is unlike Peyton, Eli or Cooper Manning.” (I had to put Cooper in there. Not that he seems to mind not playing in the NFL. )

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