Jun 22 2010

Jackasses Upset About Obama Fathers Day Message

It seems that some jackasses were upset by President Obama’s Father’s Day message. What did The President say?

From the Seattle Times:

“Nurturing families come in many forms, and children may be raised by a father and mother, a single father, two fathers, a stepfather, a grandfather, or caring guardian.”

So that’s what he said. Not a big deal, right?

Oh. But it is a big deal. Like most of the things that President Obama says, this is just another step towards the dismantling of everything that makes our Great Nation great!

The outcry from two – TWO! – jackasses was enough to warrant news coverage.

The more well-known jackass to comment was American Family Association president Tim Wildmon, who, because he has no sense of humor, did not that say President Obama’s statement was wild, man. (Get it? Thank you, I’ll be here all week.)  Wildmon told the AP: “This is the first time in our nation’s history that a president has used Father’s Day as an excuse to promote the radical homosexual agenda and completely redefine the word ‘family.'”

Because that’s what happened. Jackass.

The other jackass that offered trenchant commentary on this issue was Jenny Tyree, who is less well-known, at least to me.

Tyree is described as “a marriage analyst for CitizenLink, an affiliate of Focus on the Family”. CitizenLink is a web site or something. Tyree found the President’s mention of the concept of “‘two fathers’ in the proclamation” to be “very troubling”, calling it a “decision to promote a ‘motherless family.'”

Again — because that’s what he was doing. Jackass number two.

If you, like me, have no idea who Jenny Tyree is, she apparently is someone who has devoted her existence to railing against same-sex marriage. As she herself puts it:

My job is to defend one-man, one-woman marriage as God’s created intent and design for humans who are called to bear His image as male and female,  and to advance marriage policies in the public arena that build on the wealth of research confirming that children, women and men thrive in stable marriages.

That sounds like a cool job! Beats working for The Post Office, know what I mean?

Nation & World | Active Father’s Day for Obama, critics | Seattle Times Newspaper

Adam and Steve DVD image via Amazon

Jun 03 2009

Thoughts on Gay Marriage

I’ve been thinking about this for awhile now and after writing this post on Babble about Dick Cheney’s stance on the issue I decided to go a little further.

Here’s my question: how is it that this is an issue at all?

Let me explain. I think anyone who wants to get married should be able to do so. Radical, I know. Because who cares? The borscht-belt-esque joke of “if gay people want to suffer the same as us straights, I say go ahead” isn’t all that funny but that’s right. Please. Get married. Have a party. If it’s someplace fun, invite me. If I can get a babysitter, I’m there.

I have a friend who says that she can’t understand how anyone can be against gays getting married. What’s the problem, she says. My answer is always the same: religion. At the core of every gay marriage protester is “God Gave Adam Eve, Not Steve”. When politicians say that they believe that “marriage is between a man and a woman” but are in favor of civil unions, they mean that they don’t care if people get together and reap the benefits of a “union”, but they don’t want that union to be recognized by their church. (This is President Barack Obama’s stated position, although I personally think that’s just what he thinks he needs to say politically.)

So here’s my point. Why is it an issue what a religious organzation does? Wasn’t the United States founded, in part, on the “separation of church and state”? With that in mind, isn’t it weird that religious people have any say at all when it comes to this matter? If you get married before a Justice of the Peace, that’s a legal marriage. End of story. There is no reason why that marriage can’t be between two men or two women. Whether or not you have a church/temple/mosque wedding is irrelevant.

One way to go, of course, would be to pass a law saying that religious marriages are no longer recognized by the government. THAT would go over big.

May 11 2009

Carrie Prejean Lied About Implants

That is, she lied about when they happened.

It’s a good thing she’s insanely hot. Otherwise she might have to rely on her wits to survive.

Carrie Prejean Topless Shots Taken Post-Implants. (TMZ via HuffPo)

Apr 29 2009

New Reason to Support Gay Marriage

New Reason to Support Gay Marriage – Marion Barry is against it.

(Via the Howard Stern Show.)

Apr 21 2009

DadNews Daily – McDonalds Arches Crush People

This is just odd:

Russell and Carolyn Janke were injured when the iconic symbol toppled on their car.
The couple were knocked unconscious and suffered multiple injuries as they sat in the car park outside McDonald’s on the Navajo Nation reservation in Window Rock, in the US.

Police are calling it a “freak accident.” I should hope so! (Metro.co.uk via Buzzfeed) Read more »

Apr 20 2009

Miss California On Gay Marriage

Ah, California. So beautiful. And so… well, you decide.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZYV1aBDH7cA 285 247]

Read more »