Nov 09 2010

Lindsay Lohan Meets With Father Michael At Rehab

I’m not sure why I’m obsessed with Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael. Admittedly, Lindsay’s ongoing downward spiral is more intriguing than some, in part because it seems to be a true never-ending story. It’s not a train-wreck, because, well, when you wreck a train, that’s it. It stops moving. Lindsay Lohan’s life keeps getting more and more tumultuous.

At the moment, Michael Lohan’s little daughter is in court-ordered rehab. Michael, according to published reports, visited her there. She hadn’t seen him in seven months, they say.

An unnamed eyewitness (spywitness?) described the tender scene thusly:

“Lindsay met him at Betty Ford and the pair spent hours together… it was not a fleeting encounter, this appeared well-planned in advance. It was an emotional reunion… there were hugs, kisses and even a few tears when Michael and Lindsay first saw each other.”

Big Daddy Michael Lohan said in a statement that he has “pledged not to comment about anything relating to my daughter.” He then went on to talk about his daughter, saying, “However, what I will say is that I am an incredibly proud father tonight. My daughter is progressing extraordinarily well.”

At least he said something nice. Right?

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Jul 02 2010

Did Kelsey Grammer Avoid His Kids? [Gossip]

Apparently Kelsey Grammer, who played Stinky Pete in ‘Toy Story 2‘ (c’mon, he was awesome), is getting divorced again. And according to his soon-to-be ex, he may not be the world’s greatest dad.

TMZ say:

We’re told the tipping point for Camille was Father’s Day, when Kelsey was 2,475 air miles away from his family and didn’t call his kids.

Not that we have any inside knowledge of this nonsense, but on Father’s Day, it’s nice to call him, instead of making dad call you.

And not to take sides here, but this quote seemed a bit off:

As one source said, “She doesn’t know what Kelsey is doing in New York, but he’s made it pretty clear he wants nothing to do with marriage anymore,” adding, “She didn’t see it coming.”

OK, maybe she didn’t see it coming. But she didn’t know what he was doing in New York? He’s doing a musical on Broadway. Go visit the guy!

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Jun 24 2010

Spencer Pratt’s Dad ‘Wishes He Had Worn A Condom’ [Quality Parenting]

If you want to see some quality parenting, look no further than Spencer Pratt’s dad. The father of the reality show nitwit says that he wishes he had worn a condom.

Well, that’s what Spencer says. Or rather what he tweeted. On Father’s Day.

According to Us Magazine, Pratt’s parents removed all photos of him from their home (via HuffPo). This, of course, may or may not be true.

What is true is that commenters at Huffington Post made the obligatory “we wish your dad had worn a condom too” joke. Which is soooo funny.

One comment was worth quoting:

Anyone consider he was at one point just a moldable blob…and those parents of his failed miserably to make him much more than that?

A good point, that. Sometimes the parents are to blame. Spencer Pratt must have had help becoming so utterly useless.

Spencer Pratt’s Dad ‘Wishes He Had Worn A Condom’ (Us Magazine via HuffPo)

Apr 06 2009

Bridget Moynahan – Back Off Gisele

So Bridget Moynahan had what we think is the only sane response to Gisele Bundchen’s comment about Bridget’s baby. To paraphrase: Um, no. Read more »

Apr 06 2009

Kelly Bensimon Loses Modeling Gig (AGE CORRECTION)

So you know Kelly Bensimon of Real Housewives of New York? Apparently she’s got troubles. Read more »

Jul 11 2008

Golden Girls Gone Wild

Just in case anyone needed proof that “Girls Gone Wild” guy Joe Francis was, in fact, made of greasy grimy gopher guts, here’s a story for you.

Inside Edition (no stranger to sleaze themselves) reports that numerous individuals have received DVDs from Francis’ insanely profitable series of “reality” porn. If you aren’t familiar with these “films”, they basically consist of drunken college girls taking their tops off and also engaging in more explicit sexual activity, usually while on Spring Break or at Mardi Gras or some other Bacchanalian pursuit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.

After Keri Moret, wife of Inside Edition correspondent Jim Moret, received some GGW vids that she hadn’t ordered, Inside Edition did a little digging and found Diane Datillo from Kentucky. Datillo, a grandmother of two, opened her mailbox one day and was surprised to see some unwanted X-rated flicks. Keri Moret says that when she called and attempted to cancel the charges to her credit card, she, “totally got the run-around,” before being able to get a refund, which was Datillo’s experience as well.

Francis, pleasant human being that he is, was asked about these incidents. “Wow…when I left for jail this is what happened while I was gone…This makes me so angry,” he said. He was in jail for something he may or may not have done in Florida; it’s not clear. He’s been sued quite a bit: insurance fraud, tax evasion and filming girls naked who were underage, among other things.

So it’s all a big misunderstanding, right? Um… not quite. Inside Edition reports on a case from 2004 where GGW paid the Federal Trade Commission millions to settle charges that they shipped DVDs to people who hadn’t ordered them, although the company did not admit any wrongdoing.

Why so worked up over this? Porn is legal, and protected by free speech, and so forth. Francis has made a fortune – millions, if not billions, of dollars – filming “real” girls getting naked and fooling around with each other while drunk. “Sleazy” is too nice a word. And if that isn’t enough, you have several cases that Francis’ organization charges people for DVDs who haven’t asked for them, signing them up for monthly subscriptions. Many of these people probably either don’t notice the charges for a while, or are too embarrassed to call and get refunds. If this story is true, they also make it incredibly difficult to cancel the orders. This isn’t Hugh Hefner, or even Larry Flynt. Larry might be a tad on the weird side, but he’s not coercing girls who are barely out of high school to perform sex acts on film – and some of these girls, according to the lawsuits, are actually underage. Francis is a dirtbag. If he’s guilty, prove it, and put him in jail.