Apr 21 2009

Miley Found A Starbucks In Spain

The new way to be a celebrity is very odd. I miss the old studio system when we had no access to stars except in little tiny doses. Read more »

Apr 20 2009

DadNews Daily – Zac Efron Beats Miley Cyrus

No, not an actual beating. That would be news, though. It would be wrong. But it would be news. Read more »

Apr 13 2009

DadNews Daily – Fijian Coup Not OK

Some international news today, and also Hannah freakin’ Montana. Feh. Read more »

Nov 19 2008

Cody Linley next Brad Pitt; also annoying

Cody Linley dancing with Julianne Hough. Hough says Linley is the next Brad Pitt. Not since Election Day has there been such incredible news.Let’s start with “Who the hell is Cody Linley?”

He’s on “Hannah Montana”, and just got kicked off of Dancing With The Stars.

His dance partner, the incredibly hot Julianne Hough, says that, “He’ll be the next Brad Pitt, are you kidding?  We’re going to look back in 10 years and be like, ‘Oh, I danced with him on Dancing With the Stars.’ ”

Um, Julianne? You’re the only one who will say that. Because you danced with him. The rest of us were denied that experience.

Cody also showed his sensitive side by bursting into tears, according to E! Online. He went on to say something so exciting I almost can’t type the words: “I’m excited for all the opportunities to come. Thank you, Dancing With the Stars! It’s been amazing. I don’t know about the modeling thing, but definitely films are in my future. Music is my largest passion, so there will definitely be a future there for me.”

Wow. Someone for the kids to look up to.

Not to be a “hater” but sometimes it’s better not to say anything at all. Really? You want to do movies? Maybe a CD? Music is your “passion”? The word “passion” should be banned from the mouths of celebrities — and I use the term loosely here — everywhere.

And Brad Pitt should be annoyed. He’s probably too busy raising his 57 children, but still.

Source: E! Online via Yahoo! (too! many! exclamation! points! YEAH!)