May 07 2009

Celebrity Bikini Pictures

Just what it says. Lots of attractive famous women in bikinis. Don’t say we never gave you anything.

Celebrity Bikini Pictures | The Gossip Girls.

Apr 21 2009

Richard Branson Poses With Nude Woman While Wife Watches (NSFW)

Richard Branson is a hero to men everywhere.

Here’s the deal: according to Huffington Post, Branson was being photographed by Stephane Gautronneau when the photog asked if his girlfriend, Denni Parkinson, could get in the shot. Nude. Read more »

Apr 21 2009

Lingerie Football Live at TMZ

This is… odd. More proof that there are many good looking people in California, but smarts are in short supply.

And yes, this is a live stream as of this writing. It appears to be tryouts or drills or something. They’re not in lingerie at the moment, maybe that’s only for games. See, football is a rough sports. I hope those girls don’t hurt themselves.

Live — Lingerie Football –