Apr 08 2021

Bob Odenkirk Originally Turned Down “Better Call Saul”

This is amazing. Bob Odenkirk originally turned down Better Call Saul but his kids talked him into it. Watch this great video from the Howard Stern Show.

Mar 15 2012

What Dad Did Today, So Far

Baby Boom Mr. Mom combo DVD

As part of my continuing efforts to prove once and for all that I am not simply sitting around all day doing nothing, here is another installment of What Dad Did Today. Note that I am posting this at 12:15pm. So I’m not done yet. Ha!

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Jun 17 2011

Father’s Day Link Roundup

Worthington Super Links

Father’s Day is Sunday. Here is the DaddyTips Father’s Day Link Roundup. Read more »

Jun 08 2011

What Dad Did Today 6-8-11

Baby Boom Mr. Mom combo DVD

Proving that I am not sitting home waiting for Duke Nukem Forever to arrive in the mail, here is What Dad Did Today. Read more »

May 31 2011

Ted Mann Discovers Ted Nugent is His Dad

Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent
Grown-up adoptees who find their birth parents stories are a dime a dozen these days, right? It’s much easier than it used to be to find that information if you want it. But let’s say you find out your dad is Ted Nugent. Would that be weird?

That’s what happened to New York restauranteur Ted Mann. Turns out Ted’s father is another Ted, the one who wrote “Cat Scratch Fever” and is really into hunting. Read more »

Apr 27 2011

Kim Cattrall On Men [Divorce Sucks]

Kim Cattrall photo from 1999
The ever-lovely Kim Cattrall was on the Howard Stern Show today to promote the film Meet Monica Velour, in which she plays an adult film star named Linda Romanoli. Apparently Brian Dennehy, who plays a character called Pop Pop, gets naked, but Kim does not. This is unfortunate. But the reason I’m writing about Ms. Cattrall’s interview with Howard Stern today is to discuss what she said about men. Read more »

Nov 11 2009

Scientists Grow Weiner In Lab

As Boys Grow

And now, the headline men have been waiting for: “One day artificial penis tissue could be grown to help men, new findings in rabbits now suggest.”

Will the phrase “hung like a rabbit” replace “hung like a horse”?

Now. Why is this important? From an article on LiveScience:

Such methods could potentially aid men who just want to enhance their normal penises, rather than repairing any damage.

“Our intent and the goal of our work is to provide a solution for men who need penile erectile tissue for medical reasons,” Atala told LiveScience. “Of course, you cannot control how the technology is used in terms of what patients want.”

In other words, the whole point is to make it easier for men to deal with the problem of a floppy willie. It’s a problem, sure. But how much of a problem? More than, say, cancer? One wonders about the priorities of modern science.

On The Howard Stern Show on November 10, Howard wondered if this meant that one day men could have a penis of any size they wished. A noble goal, sure. But c’mon. Sex is incredibly important but sometimes it seems like there’s an awful lot of focus on the male ding-dong.

Source: LiveScience (via Robin’s News on The Howard Stern Show)

Image: Archive.org