Aug 12 2013

Print This Out If The Kids Won’t Behave


Time Magazine Cover - The Childfree Life

The Childfree Life – TIME.

May 19 2011

DaddyTips in Redbook Magazine

Redbook Logo

DaddyTips is featured in the June 2011 issue of Redbook magazine.


If you have a copy of Redbook handy (and if not, go buy one cuz we’re in it!), look on page 134. Read more »

May 12 2011

Goodfellas Peanuts Video (NSFW)

DaddyTips Featured Video

GoodFellas is one of the best movies ever made, and Peanuts is the greatest comic strip ever drawn. So a YouTube video combining Peanuts and GoodFellas was probably a no-brainer for whoever took the time to make this hilarious clip. Read more »

Dec 01 2010

Bert and Ernie Ante Up [DaddyTube]

This video of Bert and Ernie doing M.O.P.’s Ante Up is a justification for the existence of YouTube.


via @jimn via @iancr

Jun 24 2010

Onion Radio News For Kids Not Actually For Kids [Humor]

The Onion Radio News branches out into the kiddie market with a new kid announcer. Just don’t listen to this with your kids.

Onion Radio News For Kids | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source | Onion Radio News.

Apr 29 2010

Lloyd Blankfein Looks Like Wallace Shawn [Princess Bride vs Goldman Sachs]

Is it just me or does Lloyd Blankfein look like Wallace Shawn?

When I saw Blankfein’s photo on the cover of yesterday’s New York Times, I immediately thought of Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride.

Watch these two videos and see if you agree.

Lloyd C. Blankfein in Senate Testimony


Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride, inconceivable


“Intentionally profiting from the economic downturn? Inconceivable!”

Nov 25 2009

If Luke Skywalker Had Facebook

Funny bit from the blog Armchair Commentary. Here’s a sample (click to see full-size). I’d say “spoiler alert” but if you haven’t seen Star Wars by now, either you never will or you are too young to be surfing the web without parental supervision.

If Luke Skywalker had Facebook

Armchair Commentary: If Luke Skywalker Had Facebook….