Mar 19 2016

Old Spring Break Photos Make Me Feel Old

Whoo-hoo! Spring break! Party hearty! Right? Yeah, not so much anymore, at least not for me. Personally I was never a big “go nuts during spring break” guy, but I know other people are, and were.

South Beach- Spring Break

South Beach- Spring Break (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(Note: I’m using the photo above because it’s free to use. I don’t know the person in the pic.)

Anyway, I was checking the weather on (as one does) and came across this photo gallery of what at first looked like really old photos. Then I realized the gallery starts in the 1980s. Then I realized that the 1980s weren’t exactly last Tuesday.

Anyway, there are 109 pics. I didn’t look at all of them, but I definitely recommend you check out at least the first few. They are VERY 80s.

Though the idea may conjure images of bikini-clad 20-somethings and beer pong contests, springtime hedonism isn’t a new thing.

Source: Wild Photos of Spring Break Partiers Through the Decades | The Weather Channel

Aug 28 2013

Ouya Football Game Raises Eyebrows With Kickstarter Campaign (And Why This Matters To Parents)

Ouya is an attempt to create an alternative gaming console. By “alternative” I don’t mean REM back in the day, I mean “a gaming console that isn’t an XBox 360/One, Wii/Wii U or PS1/2/3/4.” It’s unclear whether or not the thing will succeed, but the folks at Ouya seem to have cash because they’re offering some kind of matching funds to developers who can raise a certain amount of cash via Kickstarter.

One of these developers, MogoTXT, is causing consternation amongst the console cognoscenti, according to a story post at IGN. (Note: all of our information in this post is from the linked IGN article below. That’s our source. We’re not going to go into all of the details because they did all the work so you should go there and read their story if you want to know all the stuff.)

The game Gridiron Thunder (video below) raised sufficient ducats to get more ducats from Ouya, but they had very few backers, and many of the backers seem to have names remarkably similar to each other, as well as to MogoTXT CEO Andrew Won. In other words, some suspect… foul play.

Another intriguing wrinkle: how is MogoTXT planning to release a football (as in NFL) game without having permission to use the images of real players? Maybe they aren’t planning to use images of real players? We don’t know. In general, video sports gamers prefer to play games featuring their favorite superstars, or at least real dudes. I thought the license for this was sold exclusively to the good folks at EA, which they use to make a little game called Madden NFL.

The IGN story states that Gridiron Thunder is the second game to reach the funding mark required to receive extra moneys from Ouya. The other is Elementary, My Dear Holmes!, which sounds much more fun: “A point-and-click adventure game starring legendary sidekick John Watson on an epic quest to prove that Sherlock Holmes is just a jerk.”

By the way, Sherlock Holmes? Public domain. No rights issues there. Just saying.

Why are we writing about this? One, kids play video games. Two, Kickstarter is a real thing. By that I mean crowd-funding is a way to get the money to make a professional quality video game, as well as movies, watches, and who knows what else. Your kids are going to be asking you about Kickstarter. They may already have asked you about it. It behooves you to put crowd-funding on your parental digital radar. Yes, it’s one more thing to think about/learn about/be annoyed with. (What, the Facebook, the Twitter and the Snapchat weren’t enough? Now I have to learn about the Kickstarter too? Oy vey.) At least with this one, your kids could potentially find the money from people other than you to turn their great idea into a reality. That would be awesome.

That’s why I care if a Kickstarter campaign turns out to be skeezy. I would prefer that it NOT be skeezy. There will always be a certain percentage of skeeziness with anything involving the Interwebs. But the less skeeze the better.

Suspicious Ouya Game Kickstarter Campaign Raises Eyebrows via IGN

Aug 06 2009

A Little Girl And Whale Guts

Little Japanese Girl And Some Whale Guts

The photo is from a series of pics showing dolphin and whale hunting in Japan. Believe it or not, this one is slightly less graphic than some of the others.

I like the look on the kid’s face. I wonder if you think this sort of thing is normal if you grow up around it.

Source: via Digg

Dec 12 2008

What Our Boys Are Doing In Their Rooms

They must have spies in every teenage boys’ room in the U.S.A. What happened to privacy???

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Sep 12 2008

Jillian Grace, the newest hot mom

The term “milf” is extremely overused. But in this case, it’s appropriate. (Note: photos not quite work-safe.) Read more »

Aug 16 2008

I win – BLEHHH

Jared Tallent celebrates his Bronze medal by vomiting

It was so hot outside during the Men’s 20k Walk — that’s right, the WALKING event — that Australian Jared Tallent puked his guts out all over the track right after winning the Bronze medal. Read more »

Aug 13 2008

New Lara Croft-Alison Carroll

So, like, hey now.

The National Enquirer has a pic of the new real-life model for the latest ‘Tomb Raider’ video game.

She’s big and fat and no man will touch her.

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