Mar 28 2014

Watch A Captain America Movie From 1944 For Free

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be in theaters on Friday, April 4. But if you want you can watch a Captain America movie from 1944 for free, thanks to the good folks at the Internet Archive.

Captain America - 1944 Serial

The film, an old black and white serial, runs 25 minutes and 16 seconds and is titled Captain America, Chapter 1 (1944). It stars Dick Purcell as Captain America, aka Grant Gardner (more on this in a moment), Lorna Gray as Gail Richards, Lionel Atwill as Doctor Maldor (think he might be a bad guy with that name? He also wears a monocle), along with Charles Trowbridge and Russell Hicks. The description from IMDB is as follows: Read more »

Sep 28 2009

Male Lesbian Discussing Pregnant Man

DaddyTips Featured Video

Welcome to the Bizarro World.

I was looking for a pic of a pregnant woman for this post and stumbled onto this video from What really caught my eye was this description:

“A heterosexual man who’s also a lesbian discusses sexuality, gender and Thomas Beatie, a pregnant man who recently appeared on Oprah.”

A man who’s a lesbian? I’m all for being open minded… well, OK, no I’m not. But I don’t discriminate against someone because of their sexual orientation. But you can’t just make shit up. Can you? I guess you can. But “lesbian man” sounds like a bad joke I might have made in high school.

Here’s the video.