Feb 13 2012

ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty—The Future Of Retro iOS Gaming (UPDATED With Photos!)

ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty

ThinkGeek iCade 8-Bitty Action Shot. You know you want one.

Toy Fair is in full swing and I just received an email that made as excited as Han Solo when he learned that Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker were related. ThinkGeek, retailer of all things awesomely geeky, has announced the iCade 8-Bitty. I say this is the future of Retro iOS gaming.

The future of retro what now? Let me explain.

(Note: now updated with photos. Whoo-hoo!)

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Sep 01 2011

iPad 2 And Accessories at Walmart [DaddyDeals]

Admit it. You either have an iPad 2 or you want an iPad 2. And once you become an iHole like the rest of us, you will need iPad 2 accessories. Walmart has all of the stuff you want at a good price. Read on for some DaddyDeals.

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