Sep 22 2012

Babies Gangnam Style (Video Link)

Here’s a link to some videos of babies whoopin’ it up Gangnam Style, via our pal Jeanne Sager at CafeMom. Warning: contains much cuteness.

5 ‘Gangnam Style’ Babies With Some Sweet Moves (VIDEOS) | The Stir.

Apr 24 2012

No Date, No Prom For Pennsylvania Girl

Prom Wars DVD

A Pennsylvania girl who wanted to attend her junior prom with friends was told “No Date, No Prom” by the school, according to published reports.

CBS News in Philly has the story; hat tip to CafeMom’s The Stir, specifically our pal Jeanne Sager. Read on for our trenchant take on this matter.

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Dec 05 2011

Brett Singer Talks Fantasy Football With CafeMom

DaddyTips founder Brett Singer (me) talked Fantasy Football with Jeanne Sager of CafeMom.

The article is called Secrets to Being the Good Sport in Your Fantasy Sports League. Which I ALWAYS am. (Cough cough.) Read more »

Oct 26 2011

Dad Kidnaps Daughter’s Rapist

Vigilante movie

I saw this story by Jeanne Sager on CafeMom and had to post a link. Dad kidnaps daughter’s rapist? Hands him over to the police? Duh.

Here are the details:

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Aug 04 2011

Peanuts Giveaway – Ends 8/17 [DaddyDeals]

Peanuts Giveaway InsideOutMotherhood

This DaddyDeal is really a giveaway. As in not everyone will win. But that’s OK because someone will and it might be you! It comes to us from our good friend Jeanne Sager. Read on for details. Read more »