Nov 27 2013

Happy Chanukah And a Jewish NFL Player

DaddyTips wishes everyone a Happy Chanukah, and also offers these Tweets from and about a Jewish NFL player, the New England Patriots‘ Julian Edelman. Also some videos showing that the dude can play.

Edelman had a big week for the Pats this past week, accounting for two of the team’s touchdowns. We should have predicted this because we dropped him in our fantasy football league. (Sorry Mr. Edelman, it’s nothing personal. Or maybe we shouldn’t apologize. Any player we drop in fantasy football tends to be successful on the field immediately after said droppage. Not that we think we control the sports universe or anything. It’s just something we’ve noticed.)

Moving away from Edelman’s real football success (and our fantasy football failures), here is a tweet from the Patriots’ wide receiver, who spent some time being charitable recently.

And here are two tweets that Mr. Edelman re-tweeted, including one in which Happy Chanukah wishes are offered.

There aren’t a ton of Jewish NFL players, not because of a conspiracy or anything, there simply aren’t a lot of Jewish football players in general as far as we know.

Edelman, for what it’s worth, is a player that we’ve always liked. Plays well, plays hard, gets the job done. Here is a video of Edelman returning a punt 94 yards for a touchdown back in 2011.

And here is a video of Edelman blocking, delivering a rather serious hit to an opposing player.

Makes me want to watch some football. Oh! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! Chanukah being so frickin’ early this year just became more OK.

Happy Chanukah from DaddyTips!

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Nov 09 2011

Interview with Neal Pollack November 10 on Blog Talk Radio


Brett Singer Live is back. (You know you missed me. Admit it.) I’ll be interviewing author Neal Pollack on Blog Talk Radio on Thursday November 10 at 1:30pm EST. I will also premiere a new song. A very jewy new song. Read more »

Aug 31 2009

Christina Aguilera Loves Her Jewish Man

Memo to hot young singers everywhere.

Get yourself a nice Jewish boy.

Christina Aguilera tells E! that she grew up sans male role model. And now she loves her husband, Jordan Bratman. Bratman was “born and raised Jewish” according to Wikipedia. That means that he’s, you know, Jewish. Why they don’t just say that is because, like the song says… well, listen to it.

Here’s the interview. Aguilera is hot, talented, and successful. And she married a nice Jewish guy from the South Bronx. Heck, her kid even has a fairly normal name, Max Liron Bratman; the “Liron” is apparently Hebrew, which is because BRATMAN IS JEWISH, not just “born and raised Jewish.”


via Famecrawler

Jul 06 2008

Cindy Margolis still hot at 42

Cindy Margolis

Cindy Margolis is hot and she has the award to prove it.
At 42, she looks great. Frankly, the biggest turn off was her whole “most downloaded woman on the internet” thing, which was such nonsense. But still, we have to agree with the desperate for attention “Over-40 Lovers Association of Dayton, Ohio” who voted her “America’s Hottest Milf”. AND – pay attention guys – she’s Jewish.

(Source: Famecrawler)