Jul 29 2012

Katie Holmes & Suri Feed Giraffes in NYC

As much as I dislike the fact that Katie Holmes and her daughter can’t go out in public without being photographed, this is a cute picture of Suri feeding the giraffes at the Bronx Zoo. While the actions of Ms. Holmes, Suri, and Tom Cruise do not affect my life in any way, as a parent I like seeing a famous mom and her famous kid enjoying a normal family activity. Not because they’re celebrities. Because in theory it means that they can, y’know, do normal stuff like go to the zoo without being bothered.
Then again, I’m writing about a picture of them at the zoo. So I can’t say if they were being bothered or not. Maybe the photo was taken by a particularly talented chimp instead of by a crazed paparazzi.

Jan 28 2009

Scientology Is Turning Katie Holmes Yellow?

This has nothing to do with parenting per se, although I guess Katie is a mom. I just really liked the headline. Read more »