May 11 2013

Amazon Gift Card – Great Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift (Tips)

Here’s a DaddyTip — an Amazon Gift Card is a great last minute Mother’s Day gift. Like, really last minute. Like if it’s actually Mother’s Day and you find yourself saying “oops. What do I do?”

Answer: Amazon Gift Card. Instant and easy.

See below.

Shop Amazon -There’s Still Time to Make Mom’s Day with an Gift Card

And remember — NO SPANX.

Dec 16 2010

Sling Shot Under Five Bucks [DaddyShop]

Looking for something to get the kids for Christmas that will drive your wife nuts? How about this sling shot for under five bucks?

The SE Wrist-Sling Shot is currently selling for $4.90 at Amazon. Gina Trapani at Smarterware suggests pairing it with some plush Angry Birds. Which we admit sounds like fun. But, you know. Rocks. Those are fun too. But don’t tell mom.

SE Wrist-Sling Shot, $4.90 at Amazon