Jul 11 2009

Lego Battles for Nintendo DS

Lego Battles for Nintendo DSThe various Lego video games have a very mixed track record.

Lego Star Wars is excellent, and was a success on multiple platforms. We own it for PS2 and DS, and my son has played it on the Wii as well. (He asked for a Wii copy but I said no. Two versions of the same game is enough. Really.)

Lego Batman is so-so. Not great, not terrible.

Lego Indiana Jones seems to have been a big ol’ flopperoo. Haven’t played it but on my own personal “kids my kid knows meter” it rates a zero. I may be completely wrong about this, because they have announced a Lego Indiana Jones 2. Still, I don’t know of a single person who plays this game. Not that I know everyone. But I know a lot of people. (Aside: the Indiana Jones Wii game where you get to use the Wii Remote as a whip has potential. Although this Gamespot review says otherwise.)

So Lego Battles for Nintendo DS could be a hit. Or it could be a steaming pile of monkey poop. As the great Kent Brockman would say, only time will tell. Well, time, and my son deciding that he must have this game.

Here’s the trailer for Lego Battles: Read more »