Aug 09 2016

Small Desk Space Tip

Here’s a tip from Lifehacker for those of us with limited desk space.

Also features numerous links to other specific things to do with certain types of desks, and specific ideas, which is always appreciated. Rather than reblog the text from their site, I’ll let you go check it out for yourself.

My computer with desk

My computer with desk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dear Lifehacker, My workspace isn’t the most spacious or open. In fact, it’s downright small and clutter-prone. Do you have any tips for making the most of what little desk space I have—on the cheap, of course?

Source: How Can I Make The Most of My Meager Desk Space? (Lifehacker)

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Aug 31 2013

Discount Tips From Lifehacker (DaddyDeals)

We love us some deals, be it free stuff or discounts. Lifehacker has a list of ten intriguing tips to help reduce the total amount of your daily expenditures. That’s a fancy way of saying “save money on stuff.”

My personal favorite? Using 867-5309, aka Jenny’s number, when a store requests your personal digits. Lifehacker’s writers suggest that perhaps someone has already opened an account with that famous phone number and you will get whatever discount they get. Whether you feel this is unethical, that’s up to you. Personally I think it’s clever and kinda funny.

Hit the link below for many more money-saving tips.

Top 10 Tricks to Get Discounts on Almost Anything (Lifehacker)

Aug 06 2012

To Do: Update To Do List

To Do List from Family Life (1949), Prelinger Archives

What’s on your To Do List? Bet it’s not this.

To do lists are my life. I’ve tried software solutions and always go back to paper. What I’d prefer is to give the list to someone else and let them deal with it. Not gonna happen.

Instead I’ll try these suggestions from Lifehacker and the Day-Timer Blog and see if they help. Links are below.

Delete Everything and Rewrite Your To-Do List to Make it Doable @Lifehacker via Today’s Productivity Tip: Hit Restart @ Day-Timer Blog.

Image via More specifically it’s a still from the film “Family Life” (1949), part of the Prelinger Archives. Described as “Impossible drama proving that proper management of schedules, responsibilities, privileges and finances leads to a happier home.” Oh my.

Jul 22 2012

Cool Binder Clip Tricks (Tips)

Always fun to get tips on using objects in ways other than they were intended to be used. Of these 10 cool binder clip tricks (via LifeHacker), I’ve done the following:

– Smartphone stand: I keep a binder clip or two in each of my various bags just in case I need to prop up my cellphone on a plane or in a Starbucks. Makes watching video or reading an article a more hands-free experience.

Here’s a video that seems to be the way I do it.


More binder clip tips (that rhymes!) after the jump.

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