Jul 31 2014

How To Rotate Video in OSX (Tips)

We’re putting together our post about this year’s Crown Royal Your Hero’s Name Here 400, and needed to know how to rotate video in OSX. It’s not that difficult, but it’s also not as easy as it should be, so we thought we’d share this lil’ tech tip in case you need it.

DaddyTips Tip

Basically, the default free Quicktime player in current versions of OSX does not offer a Rotate Video option. For that you need to use Quicktime 7 Pro, which is not free. I bought a license years ago back when I used Windows. (Before the dark times… Before the Empire… Actually, I prefer Macs, but what the hell. Any excuse to use a quote from the late great Sir Alex Guinness as Obi-Wan Kenobi. Geek Gold Card.)

Apple’s online store lists Quicktime 7 Pro in both Mac and Windows flavors.

There are probably free ways to rotate a video in OSX — iMovie perhaps, or some open-source/freeware option. There are generally more free options available for Windows users than for iHoles such as myself. Using QT7 Pro is simply a very, very easy way to do it.

Bonus tip: if you bought a license to Quicktime 7 Pro back in the Jurassic era like I did and still have the code, you may be able to use it to unlock the software on your newer Mac. No guarantees, your mileage may vary, caveat code-enterer. But it’s worth a try.

If anyone reading this has a tip for rotating video on any operating system — OSX, Windows, Linux, BeOS, OS2/Warp, something even more obscure — please share it in the comments. It takes a village, folks.

How do I rotate video? | Apple Support Communities.

Jun 03 2014

Amazon.com Mac Software Sale (DaddyDeals)

Amazon.com is having a big ol’ Mac software sale through June 7. There’s a heap of hot steamin’ DaddyDeals, with many a useful program available at a nice price. Check it out.

Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac


The cheesy “Wow!” on the box notwithstanding, Parallels Desktop is a useful piece of Mac software that allows you to run Windows without rebooting. Or to put it another way, you can run Windows in a window on your Mac. Why would you want to do this? Maybe there’s a game only available on Windows and you have a Mac. You can use OSX’s built-in BootCamp, but that requires rebooting your machine. With Parallels you don’t. Here’s a video that shows what I mean:

That’s nice, but what’s the deal? Regular price is $79.95, sale price is $54.99. That’s 31% off. (I didn’t do the math, I’m taking Amazon’s word for it.)

Other bits of bits you might want to scoop up include writing software Scrivener 2 (regular price $45.00, on sale for $23.99, a 47% discount), and popular screenwriting program Final Draft 9 (list price $299.99, on sale for $149.99, which is a full 50% off – half!).

There’s also various Adobe titles, Rosetta Stone language software, and more specific stuff such as Manga Studio 5, which helps you (or your kids, or both) create comics. (Unfortunately for the art-challenged among us, it doesn’t help you draw them.)

So go forth and buy the software! Browse the available titles by clicking the link below. G’wan. You know you want to. No pressure. But, you know. You should click the link. (Click the link.)

Amazon.com: Mac Software Sale: June 1-7.

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Dec 12 2011

Get Photos And Videos Off Your iPad 2 [Tips]

iPad 2

I am iHole, hear me roar

The iPad 2 is a very nifty device, and is a genuine upgrade to the original iPad. Not only is it thinner and more powerful, it has cameras. But how do you get photos and videos off of your iPad 2? It’s not hard, but it’s not as obvious as it should be. DaddyTips will show you how. I am iHole, hear me roar. Read more »