Feb 01 2013

Obligatory Reminder That I’m Old

And a chance to mention Superman yet again.

It’s been 35 years since Superman The Movie


If I may be permitted to mix my Marvel with my DC — ’nuff said.

Well, one more thing. Here’s the trailer from Christopher Reeve’s first Superman film. It’s brings a wonderfully nerdy tear to my eye.


via 10 Things Worth Noticing in the New MAN OF STEEL Trailer | Newsarama.com.

Feb 01 2013

Breaking News: Kids Like Superman Toys

Also adults. Although we don’t always admit it.

Newsarama.com : MAN OF STEEL Product Licenses Outpacing SUPERMAN RETURNS.

Dec 13 2012

New Man of Steel Trailer

Here you go. The new Man of Steel trailer. Aka The New Superman Movie.

There’s a lot of parenty stuff I could say about it. I will one of these days. For now, some thoughts.

Topless Robot’s Chris Cummins asks some good general questions: “Do you want an angsty bearded Superman? At some point in the film will he throw on Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures and sulk? Will Lois Lane be moonlighting at Hot Topic in the movie?”

I had to look up the Joy Division reference. Here’s the album via YouTube. Read more »