Nov 04 2008

Voting Using The Methods We Use With Our Kids

You know how you say to your kids, “Do you want to leave now or in two minutes?” “Do you want to wear this shirt or that shirt?” I call it “optometrist parenting,” as in, “do you see better like this, or like this?” It works well.

I have a suggestion to the undecided voters out there. Try the same method.
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Oct 08 2008

Presidential Material comic sold out

So I head over to my local comic book store to pick up my weekly stack, and I figure I’ll snag a copy of the Presidential Material Flipbook, which is a graphic novel biography of John McCain and Barack Obama (also available separately). To my surprise, all three books are sold out. You can still get the book online. Still, I thought it was interesting that there was so much interest in something like this. The store was surprised as well – they said they would have more copies by the afternoon.