May 03 2012

Megan Fox New Face of Sharper Image

Megan Fox has a clubbed thumb. Like you didn't know that.

Megan Fox, she of the clubbed thumb, is the new face of Sharper Image.

Well, face and body. As Jezebel points out, “nothing says $200 ‘white noise machine’ like Megan Fox in thigh-high stockings.” Does a half-dressed Megan Fox make you want to buy electronics? More specifically, does a half-dressed Megan Fox make you want to buy electronics from Sharper Image? When was the last time you bought anything from Sharper Image? 1998?

A commenter at Jezebel says that Sharper Image is now mostly a licensing thing where the name is put on various products. No more stores. However, half-dressed Megan Fox. There are worse things.

Source: Jezebel

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Aug 15 2011

Wonder Woman Complete Series DVD [DaddyDeals]

Wonder Woman The Complete Collection

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Apr 10 2009

Reading is Fundamental – Megan Fox Has A Clubbed Thumb

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Sep 15 2008

Damn, Megan Fox is hot

Nothing much to say here. No parenting angle. Just… watch the friggin’ video.