Jul 16 2009

Famous Folks With Bad Boy Names

Bad BoysAccording to a report by “Shippensburg University professor David Kalist”, certain names for boys can lead to a rough life for the lad. (The name of the school sounds pretty suspect to me, frankly.) Names that are “unpopular, uncommon or feminine.”


Here’s a selected list of the offending male monikers. Let’s see if there are any famous people with these names, shall we?

Alec: Baldwin. A little kooky but a great actor. And Guinness. Not so kooky (as far as I know) and a great actor. Neither one seems like a nancy boy. And Baldwin is damn funny on 30 Rock:

Ivan: um, The Terrible? Hello?

Kareem: Abdul Jabar. ‘Nuff said.

Luke: Fictional characters include Skywalker, and Luke Spencer, of Luke and Laura fame. Neither one is terribly studly. So this one, maybe.

Malcolm: X. Malcolm freakin’ X.

Walter: Payton. Football player. Many people feel he was the greatest running back of all time. (I’d go with Jim Brown myself, but Payton isn’t exactly Reggie Bush or some other marginal player.) Here’s a video:


Walter Payton died in 1999, but his coach, Mike Ditka, is still around. You tell him Walter is a “feminine” name. I dare you.

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Feb 22 2008

Full Moon

February 20th was a full moon. I checked because I received two phone calls in less than an hour of people looking for a Brett Singer that wasn’t me.

I always thought my name was unique, but I guess not. There’s a D-level porn actor, a children’s book author, and roughly 30 people on Facebook.

Having the name in grade school was no picnic: “Singer? La la la! Sing a song, Singer!” “Brett! Bread! Brat!” That sort of thing. I haven’t noticed much name-related teasing going on in the limited sample of kids that I see, although I’m sure it goes on as much as it always did.

But two false positives on my name in one hour? Definitely Full Moon time. Next: a comet hits the earth…

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