Jun 19 2009

Fox News Says Obama Admits To Being An “Imperfect Father”

With typical spintastic use of the English language, Fox News managed to find a way to say something ever-so-slightly negative about President Barack Obama’s terrific Father’s Day essay in Parade Magazine. Read more »

Apr 15 2009

DadNews Daily – Taxes And Tea Bags

Pirates and taxes and tea bags — oh my! Read more »

Apr 10 2009

DadNews Daily – Yesterday And Today

Despite the fact that it’s probably a dying medium, I love radio, which is where I’m taking this post’s title from. But instead of playing, say, two Fleetwood Mac songs (one old and one new — get it?), I’m doing news from yesterday that I didn’t get a chance to write about, and then a couple of items from today. I know. So exciting. Try to contain yourself. Read more »

Apr 07 2009

DadNews Daily – Demi Moore Saves A Life Via Twitter

Demi Moore, Ronald Reagan, and the iPhone. First time those three things have been mentioned in the same sentence? Probably. Read more »

Apr 02 2009

DadNews Daily – McCain Mania

Is it just me or does John McCain seem to be doing interviews with anyone and everyone all of a sudden? Read more »

Apr 01 2009

DadNews Daily – No Foolin’

We should probably think of all kinds of hilarious pranks to pull for April Fool’s Day. But not here. Maybe in another post. See? I’ll keep you guessing. All of this stuff really happened, at least as far as I know.

The Times might know who the Unknown Soldier was. Or rather who his dad was. Would that make him the Known Soldier? Would I have to buy new t-shirts? Read more »

Feb 05 2009

Obama Sings Single Ladies

Not really. But it’s a good impression. Check it out.

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PqI12R8YNU 285 247]

Read more »