May 16 2011

Alaska School Flip Flops On Song Ban

Queen Bohemian Rhapsody

From our pal Jeanne Sager at CafeMom, we have some Wasila, Alaska wackiness that doesn’t involve anyone named Palin or Johnston.

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Jun 09 2010

Superfriends Stop The Oil Spill [Cartoons to the Rescue]

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The Superfriends know how to stop the oil spill. Or at least they have some experience with oil spills.

This clip is from way back in 1980.


Funny how this was a problem thirty years ago and still nobody seems to know how to fix it. OK, funny is the wrong word. Disturbing? Negligent? Criminal? All of the above?

I talked about this clip, the BP oil spill, and how Sarah Palin blames environmentalists for the disaster on my radio show/podcast last week. Listen to it here.

Clip from YouTube via The AV Club, James Cameron enlisted by EPA to help plug Gulf oil leak