Aug 24 2014

Grumpy Pants Tries To Shut Down Kid’s Lemonade Stand

This of course happened in Florida. Because, you know. Florida.

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Lemonade with straws” by newleaf01Lemonade-009375. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Gawker points us towards an article on from the Tampa Bay Times about a 12-year-old boy with a lemonade stand. Apparently the boy’s neighbor is not happy and is trying to get the stand shut down.

(Note: We removed the embedded video because it was auto-playing and we think that’s annoying.)

This quote from Gawker was my favorite:

The Times reports that his most recent email to City Hall complained that T.J.’s lemonade stand was back for the summer, “AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!”

h/t Florida Man Asks Police to Shut Down Kid’s “Illegal” Lemonade Stand (Gawker)
via Tampa Bay Times

Feb 04 2014

You Want Crack With That?

McDonalds Happy Meal

McDonalds Happy Meal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pennsylvania McDonald’s empoyee sold heroin in Happy Meals, police say |

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Apr 24 2009

Police Training Video – Real or Fake?

This isn’t safe for work or kids, unless you don’t mind your kids hearing the f-word.

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Apr 14 2009

DadNews Daily – Get Off The Facebook Dude

Wherein we mock Canada. Gently. Like lovers do. Read more »

Jul 08 2008

Father and son taser team get jail time

A father and son who Tasered each other with a stun gun the son swiped from a parked police car both pleaded guilty. The son got two years in prison; the dad will be sentenced in August.
I don’t want to judge, but this seems like a bad example to set. If my son ever shows up with a stun gun and says, “Hey dad! I just stole this stun gun off a cop! Want to shock each other, film it, and put the video up on YouTube?” I really don’t think my answer will be, “Would I???”