Apr 17 2014

Chelsea Clinton Pregnant — Why Is This News?

Chelsea Clinton pregnant. This was just announced. Why is this news? I mean, I know why it’s news. But why is it really news?

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Here is NY1’s tweet about Chelsea’s announce:

Are the Clintons the new Kennedys? Definitely not, if only because there aren’t enough of them. There are/were a LOT of Kennedys, and Chelsea is an only child. I suppose she could be the start of a dynasty, but I have a feeling that that days of political dynasties are over.

I’ve always been fascinated by Chelsea Clinton. Bill Clinton was the first President I voted for, and I remember how Bill and Hillary tried very hard to keep her out of the spotlight. They succeeded for the most part, largely because she was so young, but also because this was before the explosion of social media made it more difficult for First Kids to have private lives. Then again, remember Amy Carter, daughter of President Jimmy Carter? She made headlines way back in 1977 for reading during a state dinner; Art Buchwald praised her, but she was the subject of much scorn… at the tender age of 9. I remember that one as well, albeit less vividly because I was younger.

My point is, it has to be weird to grow up in the White House. Sasha and Malia Obama seem to handle the role of First Daughters very well, perhaps in part because they are media savvy kids. Digital natives, if you will. And perhaps the White House press corps showed some restraint, although I can’t say that with total confidence. I can say that whenever I’ve seen the current Presidential daughters they appear to be happy, well-adjusted, and very normal. I’ll go out on a limb and attribute this to good parenting by the President and First Lady, as well as Michelle Obama’s mom, who moved into the White House to help out, which to me made a lot of sense. (Not sure if she’s still there.)

Back to Chelsea Clinton being pregnant. I guess it seems a little… sexist? Maybe? To make this a big news story?

You know what? I’m not sure why it bugs me. But it does. It isn’t the most egregious example of news that maybe shouldn’t be news.

Maybe it’s just that, as a parent, I have a general feeling of protectiveness when it comes to somebody’s child’s privacy. Not that Chelsea is a child. She is very much a public figure, and an adult. But I think that’s the root of my troubled mind here. Over-protective parent, even of someone else’s kid. Go figure.

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Aug 23 2012

Tip: Give Your Seat To A Pregnant Woman

When I used to ride the subway on a daily basis, I often saw people not give their seat to a pregnant woman. I thought that perhaps things had changed.

I’m so naive.

Guys, gals, humans of all ages. Here’s the deal. If you are on a subway or bus and are sitting down, and if you are capable of standing, and you see a pregnant woman, give her your seat. Just do it. Don’t think about it. Just get up and let her sit down. OK?

Pregnant and Commuting to Manhattan? Good Luck Getting a Seat (WSJ.com)

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Apr 09 2009

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Welcome to the world, kid

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