Mar 31 2010

President Obama Buys ‘Star Wars’ Guide

President Obama Buys ‘Star Wars’ Guide is one of those semi-misleading blog headlines. The Commander in Chief did in fact purchase ‘Star Wars: A Pop-Up Guide to the Galaxy at an Iowa bookstore for the son of Robert Gibbs, White House press secretary’ according to published reports. But when phrased as above (which is similar to the headline at it sounds like he was buying it for himself.

Not that this matters, of course, because anytime you mention the Prez, you will ignite a Commenter War of the Clones. “Obama is a Jedi!” “Obama is a Sith!”

Actually, if President Obama is similar to any science-fiction character, he’s like Spock. His manner is very Vulcan-like.


President Obama Pops Up to Buy ‘Star Wars’ Guide –