Nov 06 2008

HuffPo Commenter Nails Jesse Jackson

This is a good one. From a Huffington Post article about Jesse Jackson tearing up when he saw Obama getting elected, commenter lsloan says:

I find it a little funny that Jackson can shed tears for Obama’s victory, yet months before he was talking about cutting Obama’s balls off.


Oct 17 2008

McCain to Letterman: I screwed up

John McCain told David Letterman that he screwed up by cancelling an appearance last monthJohn McCain did something surprising on David Letterman’s late night talk show the other night.
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Oct 08 2008

Presidential Material comic sold out

So I head over to my local comic book store to pick up my weekly stack, and I figure I’ll snag a copy of the Presidential Material Flipbook, which is a graphic novel biography of John McCain and Barack Obama (also available separately). To my surprise, all three books are sold out. You can still get the book online. Still, I thought it was interesting that there was so much interest in something like this. The store was surprised as well – they said they would have more copies by the afternoon.

May 05 2008

What was that you said, Senator?

Ooops! Not safe for work.

John McCain says the C Word (not to his wife this time)
(Howard Stern Show via YouTube)

Apr 22 2008

Obama “Hopes It Up” on The Daily Show

If he doesn’t get elected President, Barrack Obama has a career as a spokesperson ahead of him. Listen to him “hope up” a couple of phrases, including one from a telemarketing campaign.

Barack Obama Tries His Hand At Telemarketing