Jun 21 2013

Links: Parenting Quotes From Tony Soprano

In memory of James Gandolfini (RIP), the superb Sunny Chanel of Babble.com collected some parenting quotes from Tony Soprano.

My personal favorite is “if she figures out we’re powerless, we’re f**ked,” which Tony says while discussing how difficult it is to discipline his daughter.

Click below for a lot more.

Remembering James Gandolfini: Lessons in Parenting From Tony Soprano | Babble.

Sep 25 2009

Mike Ditka Speaks The Truth

Mike Ditka – “If God had wanted man to play soccer, he wouldn’t have given us arms.”

via BrainyQuote

Apr 22 2009

Picasso Said What?

You know, if you think about it, this really doesn’t make any sense at all.
Quote of the DayPablo Picasso – “Youth has no age.”

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