Jun 16 2011

A New Twist on Bubbles [Toys]

Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Laser Bubble Blaster

Bubbles are fun. Kids love bubbles, dad loves bubbles — well, this one does. If you’re bored with the same ol’ plastic wand and sick of cheap bottles that spill everywhere, Imperial Toys has a new twist on bubbles.

The company was kind enough to send us a few samples to try out. We’re fans. Here’s what we… I mean the kids… played with. Read more »

Oct 28 2010

Non Kiddie CD Player Is, In Fact, Good for Kids [DaddyShop]

Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM FM Tuner ZSE5RED

Guess what? That Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner is, in fact, a non-kiddie CD player that is good for kids.

My youngest has the ability to break almost anything. If you don’t believe me, try this — internal power supply on a desktop computer. Beat that!

But this Sony CD Boombox? We’ve had it since June of 2010, and so far it’s still working. It even looks good, which is rare. I think the reason is the controls. They are located on top of the device and easily accessed by little hands, particular the volume dial, which turns like buttah. We mostly use the CD player but there is an AM/FM radio and a line-in jack for an iPod or other music player.

This is an item that I bought and have used, so this is a real world review based on actual usage. The model number of the device I own is ZSE5RED. Highly recommended.

Sony CD Boombox with Digital AM/FM Tuner (Red) at Amazon.com