Dec 12 2011

Book Review – So Now You’re A Zombie [Child Labor]

So Now You're A Zombie

Here is a review of the bookSo Now You’re a Zombie“, by John Austin. Review written by my older son. This does not count as child labor. Or so we believe. Read more »

Jun 16 2011

A New Twist on Bubbles [Toys]

Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Laser Bubble Blaster

Bubbles are fun. Kids love bubbles, dad loves bubbles — well, this one does. If you’re bored with the same ol’ plastic wand and sick of cheap bottles that spill everywhere, Imperial Toys has a new twist on bubbles.

The company was kind enough to send us a few samples to try out. We’re fans. Here’s what we… I mean the kids… played with. Read more »

Feb 20 2007

Film Review: The Bridge to Terabithia

Review by DaddyTips.comÂ

The Bridge to Terabithia is one of those tricky children’s movies in that it’s not exactly a children’s movie. In truth, it is more of a family movie (if there is such a distinction) and is not for everybody.

First off, it’s very sad and for many it will be surprisingly sad. The reason it’s so surprising is that knowing very little I was under the impression that this was a fantasy movie and in my opinion it’s not. What it is is a quiet thought provoking film that will leave your children (and most likely you) in tears. The kids in this movie are real and their lives are for the most part depicted realistically. Their parents are neither good nor bad. They’re just counterpunching the world at large and expecting their kids to get with the program of “life’s tough, so stiffen up”.

What the movie does do is it takes the oft-used children’s film theme of “if you dream it you can be it” and puts it in more practical terms. So for example if you imagine you are brave you can discover courage. This is something that most parents want to teach their children but all most movies show is a misunderstood dreamer who imagines up an AK47 to blow away all the monsters that have over run his town/school. Yawn. The kids in this movie discover what we want so desperately for our children to believe- that they can do anything (be and artist, not fly). That changing the world begins with their behavior and attitudes and that they can make a difference (change other kids behavior and attitudes, not cause an act of congress). To me this aspect of The Bridge to Terabithia more then anything makes it worthwhile for both dads and kids and is why I highly recommend it.

Bridget to Terabithia (

Bridge to Terbithia (

A Tale of Fantasy Rendered Different, at Least in the Trailers ( (Official Site)

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