Jul 21 2008

How upset should I be, Bill?

Bill Gates - wah, I\'m not the richest man in the world anymoreForbes tells us that Bill Gates is no longer the richest guy in the world. Wah. Poor baby.

The reason? Microsoft trying to buy Yahoo! caused their stock to drop. Warren “why didn’t my parents buy your stock?” Buffet is now richer.

I do wonder if people who are this rich actually spend time thinking about things like this. Like, does he look at his stocks going down in value and think, “Oh shit, it’s all over. Better scan the want ads”? I kinda doubt it.

I will say that the few very wealthy people I know don’t throw cash around, at least not to just anyone. They may have nice things, maybe even REALLY nice things, but usually you can see how they managed to get rich in the first place — by being smarter than, say, me, about money.

image/source: Forbes.com