Feb 07 2012

How To Make A Star Wars Book Even Nerdier (Geek Gold Card)

Star Wars, the Book of Sith

Star Wars, the Book of Sith! Geek Gold Card time!

I think we can all agree that Star Wars is a bit nerdy. Want to know how to make a Star Wars book even nerdier?

Put it in a box that opens to the accompaniment of “lights and Star Wars sound effects.” It is… the Book of Sith.

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Apr 18 2011

Rihanna And Her No Longer Secret Siblings [Family Secrets]

Rihanna - Loud

The New York Post reports that superstar singer Rihanna “has been quietly keeping touch with at least three sisters and brothers, from various flings by her playboy dad, according to The Sun of London.”

The Post headline is “Rihanna has secret half-sisters and brother.” Well it’s not a secret anymore!

I’m fascinated by these so-called secret families. Adults who find their fathers on Facebook, that sort of thing. What makes Rihanna’s story different is that Read more »