Jan 10 2009

Awkward Boob Grabs by Clay Aiken and Others

You know, there’s nothing wrong with grabbing a boob. If you’re, you know, dating the person. And in private. In public it seems like a bad idea. Especially if you’re Clay Aiken. Read more »

Dec 12 2008

What Our Boys Are Doing In Their Rooms

They must have spies in every teenage boys’ room in the U.S.A. What happened to privacy???

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Aug 12 2008

USB Missile Launcher Hack

Step 1 – get a USB Missile Launcher

Step 2 – Hack it so it targets IR devices

Step 3 – ATTACK!!!!!

(Engadget, who got it from instructables.com)

Aug 04 2008

Sexy Ref Casting

In yet another attempt to find something else for women who are attractive-but-not-attractive-enough-for-modeling, here is “Sexy Ref” from Break.com.

Some of the ladies are hot, but most are not all that hot. They’re all OK, but I think this genre has started to scrape the bottom of the barrel a bit.

Ref Casting Special – Watch more free videos

Jul 20 2008

Underdog Movie Bloopers

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