Nov 21 2012

Would You Defend Your Son If He Killed a Monkey?

Would you defend your son if he killed a monkey? That’s what Jerry Watkins, father of Michael J. Watkins, is doing. Michael J. is accused of killing a money at Zoo Boise in Idaho.

I’ll take “Questions I Never Considered” for $500, Alex.

Here’s a video report from KiviTV.

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To be clear: this is all alleged. Michael J. Watkins has been accused of breaking into Zoo Boise and beating a patas monkey “so severely that it later died,” according to the AP (via the Houston Chronicle). The story originated in the Idaho Statesman.

According to published reports, the father, Jerry Watkins, said that he believes Read more »

Jul 08 2008

Father and son taser team get jail time

A father and son who Tasered each other with a stun gun the son swiped from a parked police car both pleaded guilty. The son got two years in prison; the dad will be sentenced in August.
I don’t want to judge, but this seems like a bad example to set. If my son ever shows up with a stun gun and says, “Hey dad! I just stole this stun gun off a cop! Want to shock each other, film it, and put the video up on YouTube?” I really don’t think my answer will be, “Would I???”