Jan 26 2014

Let’s Get More Excited About Space Travel

Here’s an idea. Instead of endless reports about Justin Bieber and other mindless crap, let’s get more excited about space travel.

Captain Video And His Video Rangers

(This isn’t a picture of real space travel. It’s Captain Video and His Video Rangers. Old TV show.)

Live streaming video by Ustream

(By the way, the latest Bieber news, as of this writing, is that Usher flew to be by Justin’s side and offer emotional support or something. In case you’re curious. Who says this isn’t the DaddyTips age of having your cake and eating it too?)

On January 23, 2014, three days ago, NASA launched a Next-Generation Relay Satellite. No, not Star Trek: The Next Generation. Something real. The TDRS-L Satellite. Launched by NASA. Frickin’ NASA! And they broadcast the launch live on Ustream! And I didn’t even know! (The video is archived and embedded above. I was wrong. The video embedded above appears to be NASA’s live Ustream channel. Sorry. Here is a link to the video of the launch.)

Nobody cares. Why doesn’t anyone care? We should really care about this a lot more than we do.

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Apr 17 2012

Let Us Say Goodbye To The Space Shuttle Discovery

I got a bit misty-eyed watching this video of the Space Shuttle Discovery flying for the last time. It was on the back of an airplane, but that’s still flying.

Kids don’t get excited about the space program anymore, which is too bad. When I was a lad, space shuttle launches were a very big deal. Now, not so much.

I remember very clearly gathering around a TV set in school to watch Discovery launch. Not sure what it will take to get kids excited about space exploration again, but I hope somebody figures it out soon.

For more about the final voyage of the Space Shuttle Discovery, and what NASA is up to these days, visit NASA.gov.

Update—Jeffrey Marlow has some ideas about Making Space Cool Again at Wired.com.

Goodbye, Discovery: Legendary Space Shuttle Takes Its Final Flight (Gizmodo)