May 26 2017

“Spinal Tap” Leaving Netflix June 1

Among the many films and TV shows that are going bye-bye from Netflix on June 1, one stands out — “Spinal Tap“.

Here are a few more Spinal Tap bass players. T...

Here are a few more Spinal Tap bass players. They got a whole load up on stage. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you haven’t seen it recently, or if you haven’t watched it with your kids yet, and you want to do so via Netflix, hurry up.

Just for fun, here is Spinal Tap’s awesome Live Earth performance of “Big Bottom”, featuring a ton of bass players, including the Beastie Boy’s MCA (RIP).


Source: Netflix Additions and Losses for June 2017 | The Mary Sue

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Apr 09 2008

Stonehenge, where no demons dwell

Spinal Tap Stonehenge

I desperately wanted this video to be more interesting than it is, but they seem to mean ‘breakthrough’ in only the most literal sense.
‘Breakthrough’ at Stonehenge dig (BBC)

I’ll have to make do with this: