Nov 23 2011

Bunch of Kid-Friendly Comics At Thwipster [DaddyDeals]

Super Dinosaur

The great wallet-emptier Thwipster has a bunch of kid-friendly comics on sale right now. Super Dinosaur, and many volumes of Tiny Titans. Here are the DaddyDeals. Read more »

May 25 2011

What Dad Did Today 5-25-11

Baby Boom Mr. Mom combo DVD

The other day my wife asked me what I did today. I realized that I couldn’t remember. So here is a new feature called What Dad Did Today. Read more »

Apr 14 2011

Robert Kirkman Does Dinosaurs

Super Dinosaur

Robert Kirkman has become a household name thanks to the success of Walking Dead, both the comic and the TV series. I’m also a fan of his Marvel Zombies, although I have to admit that it depressed the hell out of me. Now Kirkman is doing a book you can enjoy with your kids — Super Dinosaur.

Kirkman is a great writer and this series sounds great. A full press release follows, but this sentence was all I needed: Read more »